[News]Yaolei Wang published a paper on Carbohydrates Polymer
Time:2021年06月21日    Hits:
[News]Professor Zhen Yang from Peking University visited the School of Life Sciences and Engineering and gave an academic lecture
Time:2021年06月08日    Hits:
[News]Prof. Guo's team published a paper on Bioinformatics
Time:2021年06月03日    Hits:
[News]The Small Molecule Natural Medicines team published on Journal of Natural Products
Time:2021年05月25日    Hits:
[News]Prof.Meng's group published a cover paper on top journal Green Chemistry
Time:2021年02月26日    Hits:
[News]Silver Medal in iGEM for SWJTU and GSU Joint Team
Time:2020年12月27日    Hits:
[News]Dr. Yan Zhang from the School of Life Science and Engineering Synthesized the First Self-Assembled NiO/CeO2 Heterostructure as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Alkaline Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution
Time:2020年12月26日    Hits:
[News]A joint study by the school of life science and engineering found the first small molecule inhibitor that selectively targets ERK1/ERK5
Time:2020年12月26日    Hits:
[News]A Review of Theoretical Research on the Nature of Agostic bond was Published in "Coordination Chemistry Reviews"
Time:2020年12月26日    Hits:
[News]The Appointment Ceremony of Academician Sui Senfang Honorary Professor and the Instructor of the Top Class in Biological Sciences was Successfully Held
Time:2020年12月25日    Hits: